User guide overview

This guide is intended for the end-users willing to use the NoPass™ passwordless authentication system. The NoPass™ service is available on your mobile devices and desktop computers for online authentication on web portals.

For more information on using NoPass™ on your mobile device, go to NoPass™ mobile app overview.

For more information on using NoPass™ desktop application on your PC, go to NoPass™ desktop app overview.

To learn how to download and install the NoPass™, go to Download and install your NoPass™ app.

You can perform the following actions within the NoPass™ system:

- Register and authenticate on web portals with an integrated NoPass™ system. For more information, go to Authenticate with NoPass™ on web sites.

- Manage accounts on web portals with an integrated NoPass™ system. For more information, go to Register account.

- Create and manage a profile in the NoPass™ system. For more information, go to Profile.

- Unlock your Windows workstation without a password. For more information, go to NoPass™ Desktop Unlock Overview.

What is nopass™?

NoPass™ is an easy and reliable way of passwordless authentication that enables you to log in to your applications and services with the help of just three things available to you:

- Something that you know, which is your login.

- Something that you have, which is your smartphone.

- Something that you are, which is your biometrics.

why is it important?

Nowadays creating and remembering passwords is a real burden and threat both for the users and the web portal owners. NoPass™ offers you the free and secure option which eliminates the threats of passwords being stolen and data breaches. 

further support

If you need additional support, go to Submit a ticket.


additional information

For more information on NoPass™ services, go to






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